Philly Area Nerf is an adult-orientated hobby-grade-nerf gaming club, covering the greater Philadelphia area.  Be sure to check out our BLOG and USER FORUM for event info and discussions, and also check out the GAME MODES that we have been playing at our events.

Here’s a Calendar with upcoming events:


For your convenience, the 2018 games will also be listed here below:

2018 Main Game Schedule

Sunday 1/14

Sunday 2/11

Saturday 3/10

Sunday 4/8

Saturday 5/12

Saturday 6/9

Sunday 7/8

Sunday 8/12

Saturday 9/8

Sunday 10/14

Saturday 11/10

Saturday 12/8


Read about our game rules below…


  • This is a Super Stock nerfing club.  Both off-the-shelf blasters and modified nerf blasters (with enhanced performance capabilities) are acceptable for use.
  • Foam Melee weaponry is OK to use, after it has been proven to be safe.
  • Blasters should be obviously “toy like” in appearance, to keep from alarming the public. Please do not bring blasters that have “realistic” paint jobs, or blasters that have been painted black.  Please always have an orange tip visible on the blaster’s barrel.
  • This club is adult orientated (18+) but some teens may participate (with parental permission and/or supervision)
  • Eye protection is MANDATORY for all players.
  • No stefan darts.   DIY or NIC class blasters = NOPE. 
  • See the full list of Philly Area Nerf Club Rules for more info…